Friday, September 28, 2012

my country

When we are in an international airport, we could go whereever we want. But the questions is, do we want to come back? Then the next questions will be, why do we want to come back, or why don't we want to come back..

This idea could become an interesting story for a documentary film, since there are a lot of examples to be exposed. Another reasons will be, it involves emotional and rational thinking at the same moment.

When I am in college, at a Civics Study class, a student said that he's had an opportunity to become a citizen of other country. But he choose to be Indonesian, because he feels more as indonesian, than a citizen of any other country.

Another example, an Indonesian actresse and singer, recently declare that she has change citizenship, from Indonesian to Germany. She said that it would be easier for her to go wherever she wants, and it would be good for her career.

Thus, from those two examples, we could see that the first one is more emotional, and the second one is more rational.

Furthermore, there are more examples related to the issue. Some football player has been naturalized to be Indonesian, so that he could play at the national team. Another example, a lot of Indonesian researcher choose to live and work abroad, because there are more opportunity there.

Simply, I prefer to be indonesian, because Indonesia is a tropical warm paradise, the heroism of its founding fathers has been my inspirations to be what I am today, and I haven't got any oppurtunity to become any other country citizens :D

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